Jotun Seaguardian Antifoul


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Jotun Seaguardian Antifoul Hull Protection

Jotun Seaguardian Antifoul is a tin free self polishing single pack antifouling.
It is IMO Anti-fouling System Convention compliant

Seaguardianl one of the best antifouling coatings available.

Boats and ships world-wide, as well as barges and all types of sea craft and structures use jotun seaguardian antifoul to protect these valuable assets.

This product is extremely well suited for craft in Australian waters that spend much of their time moored. The effective life of  antifouls can change according to tidal or river flow, and time spent on the move. Seaguardian has the right blend to ensure it will be an effective antifoul for pleasure craft, while still giving a long service life. Application is straight forward and easy, which helps minimise the time necessary for dry docking. For these reasons, it has become one of the most popular and sort after antifoul products with applicators and craft owners alike.

For thinning, use Jotun thinner no. 7

Click below for Tec. Data sheet,  safety data sheet, and application guide  

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Seaguardian Antifoul Tech Data Sheet

Seaguardian Antifoul Safety data sheet

Seaguardian Antifoul application guide

For help with orders, please phone 07 5441 7622. 

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Black, Blue, Dark Red

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10L, 5L


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