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Jotun SeaQuantum Ultra

Jotun SeaQuantum Ultra


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Product Description

Jotun SeaQuantum Ultra

Jotun SeaQuantum Ultra is a one component state of the art chemically hydrolysing silyl acrylate antifouling coating.

It provides excellent fouling protection and incomparable hull performance.

This is achieved through highly predictable and stable self polishing characteristics reducing hull deterioration, friction and speed loss.

To be used as finish coat in immersed environments only.

Suitable on approved primers and tie coats on aluminium and carbon steel substrates.

Jotun SeaQuantum Ultra can be applied at sub zero surface temperatures.

Approvals and certificates

Compliant with IMO Antifouling System Convention AFS/CONF/26.


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Typical use


Recommended for under water hull in newbuilding and dry docking.

Specially designed as a premium solution for vessels with low activity and slow steaming. Recommended solution for areas with high fouling exposure, such as sea chest, to minimise risk of invasive species.

Jotun SeaQuantum Ultra provides optimum hull protection in fouling intensive waters or in trades with long lay-ups.

The product is designed for long service periods and can be used up to 90 months as a part of a complete coating system.


Recommended for offshore constructions and immersed areas on static installations.

Typical trade:

Designed for global and especially coastal trade. Recommended for exposure to both sea and fresh water during newbuilding outfitting.

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SeaQuantum Ultra Antifoul Tech Data Sheet

SeaQuantum Ultra  Antifoul Safety data sheet

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